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The printed carpet collection Fine Lines XXL for LEOXX consists of two designs. Both designs contain combinations of geometric shapes based on thin lines. Given the unicolored background in both pattern designs, a combination with a unicolored carpet makes a quiet transition between patterned and plain floor surfaces.


Diamond- A play of lines in which you can discover hexagons, diamonds, triangles and arrows. The design with a pattern size of 4 x 4,5 meters offers many possibilities for variation.
When repeated in combination with a 180° turned version of the design, the playful effect of the varying geometric shapes also comes back on a larger scale into the thicker lines that traverse the floor surface.
Not only Diamond’s pattern design is characterized by its geometry. A new collection of rugs is inspired by this as well. In the shape of a hexagon, a diamond or an arrow, Diamond can be implemented in a unicolored carpeted floor or mark a space as a rug.


Origami- Origami foldings can be true pieces of art. Also, the play of lines used as a folding pattern for this is fascinating and often consists of a particular geometry. Inspired by these patterns a carpet design in 12 colours is created.
Triangles, circles and parallel lines constitute three overlapping layers from which this carpet design with a pattern size of 8 x 13,4 meter is constructed. Due to this magnitude, repetition is not visible. This makes that Origami is suitable for large spaces.
Next to this, 4 different selections are derived from the pattern design. These selections can mark a space as an inlay or as a separate rug.