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In SKONNE’s Yard en Field carpets, patterns based on geometric shapes are softend by a loosely structurised version of these graphic patterns. The enlarged pen’s stroke provides subtle colour nuances. A Yard carpet has many freestanding “doodles”. Field consists of large, layered patterns.


Pattern designs are vast landscapes of interesting details and shapes. The Carpet Creator app of Skonne enables you to select your custom section of a pre-made pattern and design a carpet that meets your taste exactly. After choosing from several large scale pattern designs, the app allows you to select the carpet shape of your choice and explore a wonderland of pattern designs. Each pattern is available in various colors. By moving the pattern and using the zoom functions you can select the most interesting area of a pattern design. To make sure you’ve chosen the area that fits you best, you can check the preview of your carpet. As a result you will have a one-of-a-kind carpet, printed in full color.